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Connecting innovators and their customers through elevated business perspectives.

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Your partner in business development,
from start to finish.

Account selection

We will strategically and dynamically
identify targets – ensuring timely and
focused introductions.


We will engage customers with
personalised analysis about latent opportunities and
embedded competencies of their business.

Sales support

We will brief your senior sales teams on the customer and their business activities and performance.

Outreach and Meeting generation

We will generate and support the delivery of meetings with your target customers and roles.

Reports and presentations

We will provide bespoke presentation and report content that will create the case for change.

Our Guiding Principles

Periphas was founded in 2012 to solve the problem of relating the impact of technology investments on a company's business results. Since then, we have advised over 30 of the world's leading technology businesses about the performance and financial impact they can deliver to over 1,500 global companies.

We intentionally create space for you to have important and timely conversations about your customers’ business issues. 

We break through the invisible orthodoxies allowing genuine collaboration on the vision for the “new normal”. 

We provide solutions to your pipeline problems by providing qualified senior level introductions within our network’.

Global Engagement

We connect financial analysis and design-thinking principles to 
identify the case for transformational change in target organisations, globally. 

We have delivered meetings over 28 countries, across four continents in the past year – spanning every business sector. 


Industry Recognition

Periphas was awarded Silver and Bronze for its “Purple Dragon” programme with Verizon at the 2021 Brand Transformation Awards Europe.

The awards recognised “…the effort of an organisation at bringing a global brand to the European region, making it relevant to the local markets.” and “The best communication with external stakeholders throughout the process of a brand during a brand development project. Companies should recognise that progress requires measured communication with all external stakeholder.”

The Transformation Awards Europe

The Purple Dragon Campaign has been brilliant, I’ve seen C-Level Engagement across my target accounts increase by over 60%. The Analyst Report and The Care/Detail that is taken to ensure its relevance to the person we are engaging with, has helped my credibility and definitely strengthens Verizon's standing in the market. I've not had a meeting yet, that hasn't led to a wider discussion.

Results Delivered

delivering transformational change.

Fortune 50 Telecoms Company.

• Operating globally delivered 300+ C-level meetings in the first 12 months. 155% of target.
• Validated pipeline of $130m in customer CRM and 185% RoI within 7 months.
• 70% C-suite meetings – bringing more control to
the sales engagement

Asia Pacific Region Technology Business

– Delivered a dynamic sales engagement Listening Post service actively monitoring target pipeline of over 100 businesses.
– Using intelligence gained delivered sales team briefings and targeted introductions

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