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We bridge the gap between innovators and businesses to accelerate progress, empowering businesses to achieve their full potential by connecting them with the world’s leading technology enterprises. We do this by providing a full end-to-end service, starting with account selection, analysis and benchmarking – proposing opportunities afforded by the latest technology.

We look to ensure that such innovation can be delivered through existing operating budgets – by generating efficiency, identifying distinctive and differentiated customer solutions. We aim to deliver this analysis in a simple to understand and action-oriented report that enables focus on developing next steps.


Why Choose Us?

Our end to end services

We only want to make introductions where we believe transformational change is both necessary and timely. We will seek to qualify target lists of accounts to understand whether they fulfil bespoke criteria as candidate organisations for change.

Messaging is the key to building relationships and trust with your customers. Our aim is to stimulate executive focus on building new solutions and therefore our messaging is designed to frame any conversation around building a collaborative vision of the future.

An independent report looking to benchmark the business in the context of its operating environment and recent business performance provides an excellent platform to provide some focus on future opportunities and requirements. The report is a demonstration of intent from the vendor of the sincerity of the approach to building and sustaining a new relationship.

Having timely conversations is the key to stimulating change. Whilst we cannot change the wind, we can certainly adjust the sails. Listening Post actively monitors the qualified accounts looking for leading indicators of change readiness that go beyond intent data.

We aim to deliver short, focused meetings that allow confirmation from both parties on whether there may be the mutual development opportunities we have evaluated through our analysis. Business directors have a responsibility to examine opportunities for their business and a qualified, well-messaged and supported meeting is an extremely efficient process for evaluation for both parties.

This will depend on the particular problem you are seeking to resolve. Typically we initiate conversations where there is likely to be a high complexity of solution requiring development of a trusting relationship between the parties that enables adoption of transformational solutions. The Periphas process aims to streamline the journey from “target identification” at the top of the funnel through to focussing on validating and generating deliverable opportunities at the spout of the funnel.    

we Create Meaningful Lasting Connections

How we ensure value-enhancing engagement

Identification and validation of target account lists

A vital, and often overlooked aspect of targeting expensive field sales teams, is the selection and allocation of accounts. We analyse the attributes of companies likely to benefit from the vendor's services, then qualify the account lists to ensure effort is not just applied to the highest profile (and probably over-served) accounts.

Pipeline Management & Account monitoring

Account monitoring gives a dynamic update to the pipeline prospects; providing business insights into the actual issues faced by the business. It seeks to pre-empt intent data - enabling your sales leads to engage at the right time, provide the bigger picture, and shape any subsequent request for services.

Providing thought-provoking meeting content

We use our experience of over 1500+ C-suite meetings to bring an insightful business focused agenda - applying design-thinking principles to create a meaningful discussion about the "case for change" within the target organisation. We only promote meetings where we believe a discussion is of mutual value to both parties.

Identification of key personnel within our network

We identify the key personnel in the target organisations from within our network of contacts, to connect with the decision makers and shapers within the respective businesses.

Pre-briefing of directors and sales executives

Our analysis will provide a number of different perspectives about the opportunities for distinctive innovation - often within existing operating budgets for the target organisations.

Meeting follow up calls

In over 70% of our initial meetings, follow-up actions are identified. These often involve workshops or wider discussions. This enables shaping of propositions and creating holistic solutions. As setting these meetings is often as difficult as the initial ones, we can arrange this too.

Periscope ™

This is service provides a package of bespoke, independent and in-depth analyses of your target client’s and their peers, prompting a range of thought-provoking ideas for potential change - covering areas such as productivity, efficiency, growth safety and ESG measures. This coupled with an extensive pre-briefing with our analysts and a meeting with C-suite executives ensures a strategic conversation for an action-oriented first meeting.

Listening Post ™

This is our subscription service to solve the issue of generating timely introductions enabling collaboration and shaping of subsequent opportunities with key clients. It monitors a range of businesses using intelligent triggers powered by our algorithms spotting when the time is right for that important first C-suite meeting. This avoids the invisible orthodoxies created by intent monitoring which may merely be recording the commencement rather than the shaping of a procurement activity.​ Targets are usually based on simple account dimensions like size and structure. A continuous market monitoring of likely candidates provides business development cadence and replacements for focused targets that fail or aren’t progressing. Sales focus tends to mean a narrowing of targets however, decisions made at the beginning of the year do not always account for market change and volatility.

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