EMEA Industry Campaign

- Targeted campaign for industrial manufacturing customers within the EMEA region. - In-depth analysis and briefing of in-country sales leads providing introductions to 35% of identified target customers with over 30% of meetings resulting in subsequent sales activity.

– Targeted Campaign For Industrial Manufacturing Customers Within The EMEA Region.

– In-Depth Analysis And Briefing Of In-Country Sales Leads Providing Introductions To 35% Of Identified Target Customers With Over 30% Of Meetings Resulting In Subsequent Sales Activity.


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How we use Sustainability, Design-Thinking, and Digitalisation to inform our engagements

The combination of sustainability, design thinking, and digitalization
can lead to more effective, innovative, and user-centric solutions
that address complex challenges while also promoting environmental
and social responsibility. Organizations that embrace these
connections can position themselves as leaders in driving positive
change for a more sustainable future.

Asia Pacific Region Technology Business

– Delivered a dynamic sales engagement Listening Post service actively monitoring target pipeline of over 100 businesses.
– Using intelligence gained delivered sales team briefings and targeted introductions

Fortune 50 Telecoms Company.

• Operating globally delivered 300+ C-level meetings in the first 12 months. 155% of target.
• Validated pipeline of $130m in customer CRM and 185% RoI within 7 months.
• 70% C-suite meetings – bringing more control to
the sales engagement

The “Race to Parity.” The fallacy of “where have you done this before?”

Just six small words…. that in over 20 years of working with technology companies have featured on virtually every Invitation to Tender, or Request for Proposal, I’ve ever submitted:

“Where have you done this before?”

Or perhaps:

“Please provide 2 Case Study examples where you have implemented your proposed offering to similar sized organisations in our industry…”


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